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17th May 2023

Frog Safe has started shifting things to our new location in Innisfail so we may be difficult to contact between May 17th and 22nd.  Until the shift is finished, the best way to reach us is by leaving a message/plain txt on our car phone.  That number is (0428) 114 266 (voice or plain text ONLY).  We are very short of helpers, utes and trailers on the weekend of May 19th, 20th and 21st.  Would you like to help?  We can reimburse your petrol.  Thanks.

3rd January 2023

Many thanks to Hinterland Aviation! We were informed of a frog in Cooktown with an advanced stage of cancer and Hinterland promptly sent it down to Cairns - as they have done many times before. It is wonderful to have the support of local businesses and the local wildlife rescue people in Cooktown - it makes our work so much easier.

30th December 2022

Just when we were starting to wonder how many more months we could keep our doors open, a very nice donation arrived from Mitch and Lisa which will add a few more months to our estimations! We are so grateful for kind people out there who value what we are doing. Lots of good karma coming to you Mitch and Lisa! And thank you to all the other donations that arrived in December. We need all of them to keep going!

5th December 2022

This is the time of year when we start to see frogs with cancer. Please keep a lookout for any frog that has any lump(s) anywhere on the body. Use gloves or a plastic bag over your hand and place it into an ice cream container with airholes cut in the lid and bring indoors. Ring us to arrange transport. Some of these frogs might have parasites or abscesses which are treatable but, if they have cancer, we don't want them to remain in the wild.

1st December 2022

We hope that you will think of the frogs at Christmas time. We really want to keep our rescue doors open but donations no longer cover the bills. Froggies would be very happy if we receive financial prezzies this year!

1st November 2022

Many thanks to Endeavour Tools in Melbourne for renewing their sponsorship! Your support helps keep our animal rescue operation afloat.

23rd September 2022

Many bouquets to Henk at Umbrella IT for helping us out. Finances are tough at the moment so Henk covered our domain and SSL renewals for us!! Many, many thanks Henk!

12th September 2022

We have to start selling off stuff to bring in some money. We have large glass tanks, a Reptile One enclosure, bottles of centrimide and chlorhexadine, a small walk-in aviary, bowls and trays of assorted sizes, bandages, etc. Some things are free to wildlife carers. Please let us know what supplies you use so we can share instead of throwing away.

22nd August 2022

Tuskers Cafe in South Mission Beach loves their local community groups! They held a raffle and dozens of local groups' names were put in the hat. We won a second prize drawing of $500. which is critically important to our existence at this time when so few donations are coming in. THANK YOU Tuskers!