Cane Toads

Cane Toad Identification

In Australia at least, toad eggs look nothing like any Australian frog's eggs so they are easy to identify (If you are overseas and have other species in the Bufo genus, you might not be able to tell which species of toad the eggs are.)

Cane Toad Exclusion & Disposal

Back in the 1980's, Australia gained notoriety overseas for its "creative" ways of getting rid of cane toads. That is not the case anymore. The new "standard" of humane disposal is extremely limited and basically limits what the public is able to do. Read on for an explanation.

Exclusion Fencing for Your Yard

Deliberately disposing of an animal can be a traumatic experience for many people. Just think if everyone had to go out and kill their own food - there would suddenly be many more vegetarians than carnivores. So the idea of inflicting death on a cane toad, no matter how humane, is out of the question for some people. The strategy then has to turn to ways in which they can be kept out.

The "Toad Virus GMO" Project

When Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister in 2007, a review took place of many scientific projects and several were cancelled. One of the cancelled projects was the toad virus GMO project. While there were probably economic reasons for this, we must loudly applaud this action.