It's heating up!

We've just received a frog from Weipa (thank you Qantas!) that has a mature cancer tumour on its face.  This is much earlier in the season than we expect.  We also had two cancer cases come in during May which is also completely out of season.   Plus a hydatids case came in this week and we haven't seen one of those in over 15 years.  Things are heating up and it will be very busy this spring/summer.  I NEED HELP to deal with this.  All sorts of easy jobs are available (such as shuttles, washing up, mowing) and other jobs for those with technical skills (social media, Joomla, videography).  Just because the events of the past three years "killed off" volunteerism doesn't mean you have to go along.  Come and do something important, something that gives back to the earth, something that helps a fellow human being keep up with the demands imposed upon them, something that feels good because you know it was the right thing to do.  Ring or email us today.  Thanks.

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