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There is a fine line between sharing knowledge and stealing. We have been discovering more and more incidents where our photography and even entire paragraphs of text have been simply copied from this web site and inserted into student assignments without permission and without credits or acknowledgements of source. We will be contacting the principals (headmasters) of those schools whose students steal material from our site.

All material in our site is copyrighted. It is also our intellectual property and we have worked long and hard to learn the information we share in our site. We also change the information as we learn more and that means that something that was accurate in 2009 might be superceded by better information in 2012.

If you are working on a school project and you have found material in our site which you want to use in your assignment, this is what we require before you can take anything from our site:

  1. We do not allow any photograph from our site to be used
  2. If you are taking text from any of our pages, it must be quoted in your assignment. For example, if you were talking about cancer in wildlife and wanted to use a paragraph from our cancer page, you would add it to your report this way: According to the Frog Safe website, "Cancer is ........... etc, etc. ..... ."
  3. Any text from our site should be quoted exactly and not edited.
  4. At the end of your report, our website address should be listed as a source of information for your assignment.
  5. We would appreciate a copy of your assignment posted or emailed to us for our scrapbook (see the Contact Us page for details)

If a page from our site is being printed off in its entirety and given out without being changed, we allow this because our site details and the date is printed automatically so the source of the information is easy to verify.

We've worked hard to learn about what is happening to frog health and decline so please give us proper credit for that! Thanks and good luck in your assignment!

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