So many ways to make a donation

Your support is very important to us (especially because we do not normally receive grants from the government). Very few people can deal with the range of invasive problems that the frogs we receive have, but there are many expenses associated with all types of animal rescue and care. Without public support, we wouldn't exist. There are many ways to donate and it doesn't always need to be cash - goods and services are important, too - but the majority of costs still rely on plain old money (rent, phone, electricity, vehicle, etc.). These days, there are a range of options to make donations including automatic transactions such as $5 per payroll or $10 per month through your online banking system. The electronic ones are probably the most secure but cash is still fine too if you are local to us. We have donation boxes at several Cairns shops as well.

EFT (bank transfers using online banking)

This is cheap or free within Australia. Overseas people can also use this but please check with your bank about the fees they will charge. Also, Australian banks can use the SWIFT system. We use BSB within Australia but we need to check with our bank first to find out what that code is. Email us (donations [at]  to request the correct account number to use but also to provide details for your receipts (to be snail-mailed).

Payroll Deduction

Your employer might allow these which is a nice way to donate a little bit at a time that adds up over a year. Ask your employer if they have a program available and if they do, please email us (donations [at]  for the details.


While direct donations might attract small or no fees, some people feel more comfortable donating through a crowdfund despite the fees. We have started two crowdfunds on a platform called Little Phi:

Please visit and donate if you support our work!

Credit cards:

We use the Australian transfer service SecurePay which processes the transactions for us and removes a very small percentage for their service. Just click on the SecurePay highlighted above to go to our SecurePay donation page. Please don't forget to fill out the email field on that page so that we can provide you with a receipt.

Troubleshooting: Note that if you are declined when you try to transfer, please do NOT try again with the transaction until the next day. Different banks have different withholding periods which last from 2 hours to a day and if you attempt the transaction again within your bank's 'block out time', it will be automatically rejected. If you keep trying, your card could be blocked until you contact your bank.
Also note that we had to sign up for the FraudGuard system because of all the fraudulent stuff trying to come through. We now have to specify if we want to receive donations from each country. We have allowed transactions from Australia, NZ, Canada, Japan, the UK and the USA. If you are in another country, please contact us in advance so we can allow your country before you try to do the transaction.

Via cheque/check or money order:

Yes, we still take cheques/checks! This can be used by anyone within Australia but there IS a loss rate to mail and we have already had issues with memberships and donations disappearing without ever reaching us - so please only use this option if you have no others. If you are making a large donation, it is still worth posting but please use registered/certified with a signature required on this end.

In person deposit:

Our accounts are with QLD Country Bank. If you would like to use this option, please contact us (donations [at] for the correct account details to use. It is by far the most secure way to donate and allows you to be anywhere near a QLD Country Bank and still use cash, a cheque or a transfer without having to post it to us.

Outside Australia:

If you have a credit/debit card, you can use SecurePay to make donations to us. (If you have any difficulties during the transaction, refer to the troubleshooting notes under 'credit cards' in this donation page.) There is a small fee removed from the amount before we receive the money. There will be other services available such as Western Union but please enquire about their fees and what information they might need from us. For our overseas supporters, we will scan your hard copy receipt and email this to you along with pdf files for froggy materials we have produced which can be printed out on your end (such as posters). We prefer to send hard copy goodies but the postage rates and the loss rates of international mail make it too costly to get these items to you.

Are you a business?

 If you are a business wishing to take up a sponsorship,

this is be tax deductable to you

and claimed as an advertising expense.


Any and all help is appreciated. Even a deduction of $5 per payroll adds up over the year.

If you have any questions, just let us know, and thanks for your concern but, more importantly, your action for our dwindling frog populations.