30 June 2023

Why can't our group have a permanent home????  We have been forced to relocate seven times and we can't get grants or government help for that.  We have to use your precious, hard-earned donations for those moves.  There is a beautiful 165 acre property for sale at Butcher's Creek (Topaz) which backs onto Bartle Frere.  There is enough space in the house to cover all our activities plus educational displays, guided walks, in situ breeding, etc.  The price has come down several times and is down to $900K.  Surely there is someone who can afford to purchase this beautiful property for conservation and provide us with a permanent home to continue our work. Have a look at:  https://www.realestate.com.au/property-acreage+semi-rural-qld-butchers+creek-141228876

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