Willl there ever be a permanent home for the frog hospital?

Our group with a live-in volunteer has been renting in the private market for over 25 years and we have been forced to move SEVEN times.  This has caused an increditble waste of very limited resources and imposed massive burdens on our live-in volunteer.  We are absolutely sick of it.  Now that the rental crisis has gotten so bad, we are now locked out of the 'standard rental market'.  We cannot afford what agents are charging and we need to move again when this lease ends (we only took this place because there was nowhere else to go but this house is not appropriate for our work).  We are casting a wide net to find a long term place to operate (please note we are not commercial and do not have signage out front).  We could share an 'environmental' acreage (e.g., land for wildlife, biodynamic, organic farm); or we could rent a standalone house privately from a reasonable owner; or someone could buy a sales property to rent to us under a long term covenant (and we can help improve the property).  We are looking at the Atherton Tablelands or bushy areas on the coast.  We do have some specific criteria however which are necessary for our operation.  If you are in any of the positions described above and would like to talk about the possibilities, please contact our President soonest on (07) 4006-3784.  Please also bring this to the attention of anyone you know who is cashed up and looking to do something important for conservation.  OUR FUTURE IS DEPENDANT ON FINDING A BETTER HOME FOR OUR WORK!

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