Our Privacy Policy, Security Measures and Terms and Conditions

It seems everybody needs to have a privacy policy these days and Australia is a very 'privacy conscious' country. So here's ours: We do not store any contact details for our members - other than an email address in a rarely used email client which is not a Microsoft progam. All members' details are in hard copy format, stored in the group's office, and only accessible to the President. We have never been requested to provide members' details by any agency and only provide total numbers when requested on grant applications.

If members would like to have a photocopy of their membership application, this can be provided upon request. Emails sent to members as a group are all sent as blind emails so that no member's emails are accessible to other recipients. Members who get to know each other over time might exchange phone numbers or addresses individually if they need to see each other for frog matters or social contact..

Donors who wish to be publicly acknowledged are given space to promote their business on our website or are mentioned in our News page and/or Supporters section of our website. All other donors contributions are kept confidentail unless the donor requests public acknowledgement.

This website is protected by an SSL certificate. Our internet access is cable based only - we do not use wireless for ANY data transmission including online access to our bank accounts.

Our website is provided as an educational tool only. There are no 'terms and conditions' for viewing our website but if you wish to use any of its content for school reports or to share with others, we ask that you provide proper credit to the source and that you do not edit the text that you have 'borrowed' from the site.

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