Amphibians Under Threat

Global Threats

Global Threats

Since the startup of the frog hospital, some very interesting cases have come to light, many of which are scientifically significant. For example, the incidence of cancer in frogs is exceptionally rare but we've already had over 50 tumour cases turned in. Four types of tumours have been identified so far but three others have been seen at times when we didn't have the money to cover biopsies.

A Threat the Size of the Earth

The next category of threats are those which indicate broad-scale or far-reaching problems with our environment on a global scale.

These include

  • widespread chemical pollution especially when chemicals are sprayed by air
  • geo-engineering (also called stratospheric injection, solar radiation management (SRM), albedo modification, or the original name 'chemtrails')
  • increased UV (A, B, and C) from the weakening magnetic shield around our planet
  • the use of fluoride in the water supply in many countries (including Australia)
  • major habitat loss such as the destruction of tropical rainforests
  • diseases such as viruses which can spread anywhere through our cargo and transport systems
  • parasites (which are a problem because the immune system isn't working)
  • increased salinity in soils
  • descreased ph in soils (soils get more acidic from certain chemical uses and loss of nutrients)
  • changes to climate patterns and droughts
  • slaughter for the frog leg trade
  • capture (and sometimes smuggling) for the pet trade
  • extreme weather events such as droughts and category 4 and 5 cyclones

Each of these broad-based threats represent drastic and major changes we are making to our planet's capacity to support life (including our own - just look at the statistics showing dramatic increases in cancer, aids, new virus strains like CJC new var., SARS, Ebola, etc.) For more information on this larger category of threats, visit our links page which will direct you to key sites for amphibian disease, deformed frogs and many other informative places to learn more about frogs.

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