Do you need help with a sick or injured frog?


Please note:  There will not be anyone at the frog hospital to assist with sick frog forms on Thurs/Fri May 11th/12th.  We're attending meetings in Cairns with members of Cabinet.  You may send your form through and we will assist you Saturday morning.  Please hold onto the frog in the meantime.

Please note: Online forms can only be responded to during the normal operating hours of 8am to 7pm, Qld time.  Please use gloves or a plastic bag on your hand to collect the frog and place in an ice cream container with air holes and a couple spoonfuls of bottled or rain water.  Bring indoors and keep in the shower until we can respond to you.  If the situation is urgent, please phone us in addition to submitting your form.

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Please attach photos of each side of the frog, it should be sitting on a flat surface, the photos should be sharp with no shadows on the frog.

Only JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG files are accepted. Maximum file size should not exceed 2Mb.

If captive please add a photo of enclosure and latest droppings.

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